Feodor V Kusmartsev | Coherent and Incoherent charge carriers in electron-hole liquids and HTSC - Two component physics of strongly correlated systems




报告题目:Coherent and Incoherent charge carriers in electron-hole liquids and HTSC
                       - Two component physics of strongly correlated systems


报告人:Professor Feodor V Kusmartsev 
                     Khalifa/Loughborough University, UAE/UK



Kusmartsev Fedor Vasilievich (British), Professor of Khalifa University (UAE) got PhD in Lev Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics with E I Rashba. He has received a series awards  including  Research Prof. of Excellence, ITMO University and University of Roma, Italy;Thousand Talent Award, China; Visiting Professor at Tokyo University, Tokyo, Japan and Humboldt Fellowship, University of Cologne, Germany. He was a chairman of the European Network-Programme “Arrays of Quantum Dots and Josephson Junctions” and Member of International  Editorial Advisory Boards and a guest editor: Advances in Condensed Matter Physics (since 2007); Econophysics, New Economy and Complexity (since 2010–). Scientific Reports (NATURE, since 2013); J. of Physics A (2003), Supercond. Science and Techn. (2009), J. of Modern Physics B (2008). 


In this talk, we discuss recent experimental observations and theoretical insights into the fascinating properties of two-dimensional (2D) materials, focusing on MoTe2 monolayers and HTSC. Specifically, we investigate the emergence of a room temperature electron-hole liquid and its underlying theoretical framework based on Keldysh form of Coulomb interactions in 2D. To gain a deeper understanding, we explore the band structure and degeneracy of MoTe2 and its implications for many-body theory involving simple exciton-exciton and electron-hole interactions. Furthermore, we delve into the intriguing phenomenon of noisy I-V curves observed in low-density 2D electron gases, proposing a possible explanation through electron-hole-impurity clusters.